About us

Innovation is our passion

Metis Baltic is a part of Metis network and was established in Vilnius in 2010.

Metis Baltic offers commercialisation, consulting and project management services for knowledge-driven organisations and researchers. We work with emerging companies, universities, and individual inventors to develop international partnerships to advance their technologies from early-stage to the global marketplace. Our company has extensive knowledge management experience, business plan compilation, and intellectual property landscape reports. Metis Baltic’s expertise ranges from IT-supported e-learning platform development (having participated in creation of Open Discovery Space portal) to corporate knowledge management.

Metis Baltic science managers are engaged in the research and development of innovative and experimental projects, working closely with the higher education and research policy-making and implementing institutions in Lithuania and Europe.

Metis Baltic scientific managers (project managers), working with scientists, researchers and business representatives, evaluates their ability to receive grants, preparing proposals for international research and innovation development programs calls and participates in international projects as technology standardization, certification and market entry partner. During the project cycle, Metis Baltic is a full-fledged partner in the project consortium, so Metis Baltic science managers carry out the tasks related to technological development, testing and commercialization and standardization. Metis Baltic science managers act as a national coordinator in the international projects related to educational and e-learning platforms creation. 

Metis Baltic is on a continuous path to innovation, addressing unmet societal and technological needs and improving technology transfer.