Project management and grants

Metis Baltic works with all stages of project management – from project conception and initiation, partner identification, to commercialization of project results. We can assist you in preparation of project proposals for Horizon2020, EUREKA, EUROSTARS, Intelektas LT, and other funding mechanisms.

Metis Baltic works with individual researchers, small and medium companies, large industry, universities and policy makers.

We offer flexible ways of collaboration: grant applicants can hire us or we can collaborate as partners on some of the funding mechanisms.


All stages of technology transfer: evaluation, protection, negotiation, marketing, licensing, commercialisation
Intellectual property (IP) landscape reports
Commercial partnership formation

E-learning solutions

Educational technology
Content creation
Innovative content sharing platforms

Information technology

Internet of Things
Cyber security
IT start-up consulting

Infrastructure Projects

Setup and coordination of infrastructure projects mainly in Public Construction facilities and Photovoltaic (PV) Parks